Upcoming and ongoing!

MANGO – Marine Acoustic Noise and signals localisation

A test experiment in SmartBay Observatory, Galway

Lander – Frame that the ORCA recorder and hydrophones will be attached to

In contrast with most land experiments, marine surveys involve complex logistics where approximative instrumentation designs can affect surveys’ outcomes at a great cost. The SmartBay facility located in Galway Bay brings a unique opportunity for ocean researchers to test instrumentation and validate new methodologies. In addition, the iMARL (www.imarl.ie) national infrastructure for marine sensing, offers a broad range of acoustic sensors, with great potential for further developments in new acoustic sensing schemes in Ireland. Here, the proposed project aims to promote a new design for acoustic noise and signals localisation with broad frequency coverage. To do so, a pilot deployment will be carried out at the SmartBay facility by combining iMARL’s hydrophones in multiple array configurations on a single lander. In order to validate the proposed design, the project will attempt to not only detect but also localise “sound events” in the bay associated with ship traffic and local marine life. In the context of anthropogenic acoustic noise pollution as an increasing concern for the health of our ocean, any steps towards a better understanding of the complex acoustic noise field of the Irish offshore is key. The deployment is due to happen in Spring 2023.