Long term OBS deployed

Guralp Aquarius+ OBS been deployed







M6 buoy with Long-Term OBS topside satellite and acoustic equipment attached

The new long-term OBS system was deployed in October 2019. It includes an OBS and absolute pressure gauge (APG) and will ultimately become a real-time sensing offshore element of the Irish National Seismic Network(INSN). To learn more about the equipment and set up click here.

Triggered seismic events will be transmitted via acoustic modem in near real-time to DIAS from the buoy unit which is installed on the M6 marine data observation buoy (the IMDBON project is run by the Marine Institute in collaboration with Met Eireann under the Department of Agriculture and the Marine, DAFM). DIAS sends a request via satellite link to the buoy system which wakes and sends a request for data from the OBS. Complete downloads will be carried out yearly during services. All data will be available as part of the INSN data centre in DIAS.